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건물외벽, 실내벽면, 조형물을 보다 화려한 색상으로 비추어 아름답게 표현할수 있는 제품이며 지상으로부터 최대 20m까지 투광이 가능합니다. 높은 광도와 낮은 소비전력, 긴수명, 영속성, 안전성이 뛰어나며 DMX 컨트롤을 사용하여 보다 다양한 색상을 표현할수 있습니다.

LED WALL WASHER(II) (outdoor) -A-
LW- 600*130-REVO-UB-INDP-120V/240V
LW- 600*130-REVO-SB-INDP-120V/240V
LW- 1200*130-REVO-UB-INDP-120V/240V
LW- 1200*130-REVO-SB-INDP-120V/240V
LW- 1800*130-REVO-UB-INDP-120V/240V
LW- 1800*130-REVO-SB-INDP-120V/240V
Neo-Neon LED wall washer (II) is illuminated by using LED RGB technology with 256 degree gray scale function.(feature). The unit is also friendly enough to work with user’s own program if it is connected to a DMX controller.
Technical parameter:
Color Range: Different brightness of red, green & blue LED combined to produce 16,000,000 colors.
Light Source: High brightness LED
Beam Angle: 45▲
Light Spacing: 20M
Digital Interface: DMX compatible
Controlling System: DMX512 (controller with SRC-WALLWASHER-100 protocol)
Shell Material: aluminum alloy
Connecting Mode: standard signal cord and power cord
Connector: 3-pin signal connector

Electrical specification:
Item No.(120V/240V): LW- 600*130-REVO-UB-INDP
LW- 600*130-REVO-SB-INDP
LW- 1200*130-REVO-UB-INDP
LW- 1200*130-REVO-SB-INDP
LW- 1800*130-REVO-UB-INDP
LW- 1800*130-REVO-SB-INDP
Operating voltage: AC90-264V/12V AC90-264V/12V AC90-264V/12V
Operating current: (note: the current of each LED will be calculated as a unit of 20mA, but there might be a slight difference on Vf)
When system is not on: (R,G,B ALL OFF):200mA+/-20mA
Current on Static Red: 960mA+/-40mA 1920mA+/-40mA 2880mA+/-40mA
Current on Static Green: 1600mA+/-40mA 3200mA+/-40mA 4800mA+/-40mA
Current on Static Blue: 1600mA+/-40mA 3200mA+/-40mA 4800mA+/-40mA
Current on R,G,B: 4160mA+/-100mA 8320mA+/-100mA 12480mA+/-100mA

LW- 600*130-REVO-UB-INDP-120V/240V LW- 1200*130-REVO-UB-INDP-120V/240V LW- 1800*130-REVO-UB-INDP-120V/240V
LW- 600*130-REVO-SB-INDP-120V/240V LW- 1200*130-REVO-SB-INDP-120V/240V LW- 1800*130-REVO-SB-INDP-120V/240V

Environmental specification
Operating temperature: --20▲c~+40▲c

Color Flashing change: colors transition from high brightness to low brightness effects
Cross fade: colors alternate
Chasing change: colors chase one another
Circulation function: single color circulates regularly

Specification parameter:
Item No.(120V/240V) Size LED No.. Power
Weight Protection
LW- 600*130-REVO-UB-INDP
LW- 600*130-REVO-SB-INDP
L690*W137.5*H125 R240
50W 5.35kg IP65
LW- 1200*130-REVO-UB-INDP
LW- 1200*130-REVO-SB-INDP
L1290*W137.5*H125 R480
100W 9.1kg IP65
LW- 1800*130-REVO-UB-INDP
LW- 1800*130-REVO-SB-INDP
L1890*W137.5*H125 R720
150W 13.5kg IP65

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